Girl, Bleeding (another poem by me)

originally posted on my personal blog,


Girl, Bleeding

She was a girl, alone.

She felt like finger nails scratched across a chalkboard

The ingratiating screech of a banshee

The quiet that befalls a public execution

As the prisoner takes the lone walk to his imposing beheading.

She’s shrouded in a wave of insecurity, anxiety, dread.

The one who chokes herself to sleep

To elude darts being thrown at her head

She’s a target, a weakling, a sniveling wreck

Susceptible to the images that flash behind her eyelids at night.

She saw blood once,

It was a peaceful sight.

She had just wrung her wrists

And thought, stabbing them would be fun.

She really liked the color red.

She broke her legs

On the double edged sword

Of bitter lies and daggered hurt.

It poisoned her soul;

A drop of black on a canvas of red.

She’d wondered whether it was possible

To walk in a straight line

When your mind is running in zig-zags.

If you could bludgeon yourself to death

With your raw, twisted ankles.

The girl peeled back her fingers from her clenched fist

To tear out her own eyeballs.

So that she could never again see

His body, laid to rest

Pale and still and gone.


Masochist (a poem by me)

originally posted on my personal blog

Love is desktop wallpaper


I stumbled when I saw you the first time

You could say I fell for you

It was a combination of relentless summer heat

And the quiver in my throat

When I saw those raw blue knuckles

You looked up at me and smiled

With a veneer of the benign

But I saw those jagged teeth

And the corners of your mouth

That didn’t quite reach your eyes

It was a dance with death

My rosy cheeks set against your pallid jawline

That was so sharp it almost sliced my fingers

My nimble hands contrasted with your brass palms

A cacophonous orchestra

I was rum and you were vodka

Both intoxicating, but together, poison

One too sugary sweet and the other dry and wintery

You felt sour and tangy on my tongue

And left a bitter-sweet aftertaste

Maybe I’m masochistic

Because even though you tore me open

And ripped my lungs into threads

I loved breathing through a sea of blood

It was the only time I felt something