The Hidden Factor in Hollywood’s Racial Diversity Problem



If you’ve seen one study about the state of diversity in Hollywood, you won’t be surprised by the results of the latest. A new study from UCLA examines the gender and racial makeup of nearly 1200 movies and TV shows from 2011-2012 — and the data show that minorities and women are underrepresented, compared to real-life U.S. demographics, both in front of and behind the camera.

Of course, film and television have never accurately represented how diverse America really is: Statistics show that there are three nonwhite people in America for every nonwhite character on the big screen; in terms of lead roles on broadcast TV comedies and dramas, there are seven nonwhite people in America for every nonwhite character. Similarly, there are half as many women in films as in real life — although the amount of female lead roles on broadcast TV is on the upswing.

But the…

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Too Dark for “Dope”

Just watched this movie and was disgruntled by the colorism.

Quiet As It's Kept

Brown and dark skinned girls exist. There’s actually quite a few of us.

I’m actually really mad that I have to make this blog post, because I’m actually really excited to see this movie. But damn it if the trailer didn’t have one GLARING flaw (there were actually many, but I’m only focusing on the most blatant this time around).

So there I was a few months back, scrolling Tumblr and wasting the day away, when I came across the teaser for a new movie. It was produced by Pharrell Williams (who I have my own Qualms with–but he produced the second season of my favorite YouTube series “ABG,” so I was curious), and starred an entirely black cast. Dope, a movie set to release on June 16th, 2015, is the story of a trio of high schoolers who attend a drug dealer’s party and accidentally leave with his inventory…

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To the men who love us, are you really helping us?

This is so important.

REAL for women

For females, being raised in and living among a society filled with porn and rape culture, constant male privilege over the subordination and objectification of us, male voices; government and big business, male desires, male wants, etc, creates a state of hyper vigilance in a lot of us. “When will I be confronted next? When will I have my safe-space invaded? When will I be reminded that I’m invisible, worthless, an object, powerless, disposable?” And it would be remiss not to mention the times people laugh, make jokes, or harsh comments when we are triggered by what we are constantly inundated with.

This is just in mainstream culture, everywhere-everyday forms of media that wallpaper our lives. Where a safe space can’t even be found in our own house if we choose, like the rest of the population, to relax in front of the TV or open some…

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An Open Letter to the White Feminist Community:

My sentiments exactly.

Dear white feminists,

I say this with the greatest respect for feminism and its importance in the world today, and as a (for the most part) white-identified feminist myself. Becausefeminism is not merely a movement about middle-class white women and their interests; it is about queer women and straight women and women of all colors.It is about making the world a better place for women and men alike, and it is a cause that should unite all of us.

Are we agreed on that?That’s basically the rhetoric of inclusion we like to think we espouse, right?

Good.Then please consider the following highly incomplete list:

Aaminah, Angry Black Bitch, Angry Black Woman, Annaham, Anxious Black Woman, Belledame, BlackAmazon, Bluealto, Brownblackandqueer, Brownfemipower, Cara, Cassandra, Danadocus, DeviousDiva, Elle, Firefly, Florence Craye, Holly, Ilyka,

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How Paper Towns Could Propel Cara Delevingne From Model to Movie Star


Everybody on the set of Paper Towns has a story about Cara Delevingne.

Let’s start with her fondness for dressing in ridiculous costumes: Delevingne, a 22-year-old supermodel who’s been the face of high-fashion lines including Chanel and Fendi, would gallivant around Charlotte, North Carolina dressed as a hot dog, a banana, or The Simpsons character Duff Girl. While shooting at a high school, she’d run away from production assistants and sneak into classrooms full of actual students between takes, at one point recruiting a few dozen extras to film her challenging rapper A$AP Ferg to a runway walk-off after he name-checked her in a song. Her co-stars are especially fond of the time she spotted a local water park and decided they all needed some R&R, organizing a field trip for the next day.

“She’s a leader,” her costar Nat Wolff says, between scenes on a giant soundstage. “She is…

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americanah in arlington.

Proud that this lady has come to respect and admire her Nigerian heritage. That’s so important.

Afros y Paella

My skin was a mass of prickly, raised bumps because of the frigid temperature in the media room with a projector turned into a makeshift classroom. The air was always so icy in that room, able to zap through even the thickest and fluffiest of sweaters, encouraging teeth to chatter.

The year was 2011. I was a graduate student in a pseudo MFA program, a program I applied for and told no one about except for my boyfriend at the time, because I had been yearning to become a better writer after plateauing just two years after leaving J-school. I needed to feel the magic about writing again. I needed to be excited about pieces I was working on, about sitting down to write, even. That excitement had dried up and disappeared it seems, lost in the shuffle in being unable to find a full-time writing position for almost two…

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Dear Black Girls by @Favouradesina

Camminare Con Tiffany

Dear black girls,

you aren’t what they say you are, you’re more than that.

Even though society mocks you, upholds a standard of beauty that is damn near impossible to achieve,

just know you are beyond magical!

To all of you who are told not to wear bright  lipstick or make-up, because it doesn’t “suit your skin tone”

To all of you that are ignored and excluded from the LGBTQ agendas and movements even though you started it,

To all of you who are victims of rape, or assault, of abuse and maltreatment,

but are too scared to come forward because you know you will not get the justice you deserve.

To all the black girls who have ever tried to wash away your blackness,perceiving it as dirt,whilst trying to bleach your skin and succumb to the fair and pale figures you are deceived to accept as beauty, I’ve been…

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