Models that Inspire Me

originally posted on my fashion & beauty blog

Marina Nery

19. Bahia. Brazilian. Baby bird eyes and honey toned skin.

Marina NeryMarina Nery2Marina NeryMarina Nery

Zhenya Katava

21. Belarus. Belarusian. Fierce cat eyes and regal gaze.

Zhenya Katava8Zhenya Katava14Zhenya Katava5Zhenya Katava6

Aya Jones

20. Paris. Ivory Coast/French/British. Droopy doe eyes and golden skin.

Aya JonesAya Jones2Aya Jones3Aya Jones5

Neelam Gill

20. London. Indian. Huge cocoa eyes and silken hair.

Neelam GillNeelam Gill3Neelam Gill5Neelam Gill4

Isabella Peschardt

Danish/Ethiopian. Spirally halo of curls and dewy yellow skin.

Ibella Perschardt2 Isabella Peschardt2 Isabella Peschardt3 Isabella Peschardt4


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