Dear Black Girls by @Favouradesina

Camminare Con Tiffany

Dear black girls,

you aren’t what they say you are, you’re more than that.

Even though society mocks you, upholds a standard of beauty that is damn near impossible to achieve,

just know you are beyond magical!

To all of you who are told not to wear bright  lipstick or make-up, because it doesn’t “suit your skin tone”

To all of you that are ignored and excluded from the LGBTQ agendas and movements even though you started it,

To all of you who are victims of rape, or assault, of abuse and maltreatment,

but are too scared to come forward because you know you will not get the justice you deserve.

To all the black girls who have ever tried to wash away your blackness,perceiving it as dirt,whilst trying to bleach your skin and succumb to the fair and pale figures you are deceived to accept as beauty, I’ve been…

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