10 Dave Franco Quotes That Made Me Love Him


Thought Catalog

If you have never heard of Dave Franco, then shame on you! Dave may have the same adorable, toothy grin as his famous brother James, but in terms of personality they could not be more different. Dave is known for his roles in 21 Jump Street as a drug dealer and Now You See Me as a magician with the ability to give people wicked paper cuts by throwing playing cards. You can see him in theaters this fall with my other boyfriend, Zac Efron, in Neighbors where they will both play frat-dude-bros and ruin their neighbor’s life who is played by Seth Rogan.

Here are 10 quotes from my baby Dave that will hopefully make you love him too.

1. “When I was in high school, I was dating this girl and wanted to make her birthday really special. I showed up early to school and went around to every…

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