Film Talk: If I Stay

A different view from my own.

YA Crush

I’m so sorry it’s taken such a long time to get this review up. I’ve tried in a multitude of ways to make an actual vlog because…there’s stuff to say. I mean, Jamie Blackley? Hubba hubba. But technology, at least of the video posting variety, is not my friend. And yeah, I probably could have gotten my twelve-year-old to figure it out in two seconds, but there this thing called pride, you know?  Also, I didn’t want her to watch the video. So there’s that.

Have you seen the film, If I Stay yet? And if so, what did you think?

I saw it the night before the official release at one of those 7PM early showings. There were no dudes in the theater, which, while not surprising, I found funny. I went with two dear friends who love the books, and we had our tissues in hand.

I have…

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