on love & you

ink and valour

I) i have this theory, that you know you’re in love not when you heart waltz with your lungs, then swims down and has a cocktail party with your intestines but when your heart moves aggressively in your chest because the enthusiasm of love just can’t keep your heart at rest. i have concluded that i love you. and i wish i could show you a kaleidoscope of dreams i have dreamt about you and i walking down the Grand Canyon hand in hand. the plants; moving in a to and fro motion as if bowing down to your dazzling impeccability. the air; humid. our laughter; echoed. your smile; sublime. the moment; momentous.

II) my father always told me that when your dreams reoccur that life is trying to tell you something, that you should search the pages of your heart and look for clues. so, tonight i found, written…

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