Billboard Music Awards!

The Billboard Music Awards 2014 was an ebullient event on twitter.


#5SOSBBAS was basically the top trend the whole time, which made me bask in euphoria. I’m a new member of the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom (I’d just discovered them about a month ago). I really relish in the fact that they all play instruments, and make their own instrumentals for the songs and performances.

As a plus, they’re Australian, all super duper cute, and make really good music. My favorite is Ashton Irwin, with those dimples!!! Yet, I gotta admit, Luke Hemmings is really hot. Calum Hood is so adorable, and Michael Clifford has this cool punk rocker thing going on.

It was awesome reading the pride from the 5SOS fandom ablaze on twitter.

Ariana Grande was another trending topic. Her performance was so cool! But to me, Ariana Grande will always be just so freaking adorable, so she can’t sell the sexy look.

Ariana Grande being cute <3
Ariana Grande being cute ❤

Aaaaaand Imagine Dragons won best rock album!!!!!! I literally squealed out loud when I saw that, I was so ecstatic. They so deserve it because Night Visions is GOLD! Plus, they performed Tiptoe and it was rockin’ awesome.

Night Visions album cover
Night Visions album cover

Basically a summation of the highlights of the #BBAS for me! Good night, lovelies! ❤




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